Shademaster is a blend of two Australian turf types. This combination provides for a durable, lasting lawn which grows vigorously all year round.

Shademaster with its broad soft leaf is the ideal Buffalo Grass for completely shaded areas.

Shademaster is reasonably drought tolerant and grows well in most frost free areas but its speciality is that it grows successfully in shady spots.

Shademaster will also perform well in full sun areas.

Shademaster Buffalo Grass is very hardy and responds well to wear and tear; it will persist in difficult growing conditions.

This Buffalo Grass provides a thick green ground carpet cover which discourages the invasion of weeds. It will compete with surrounding vegetation for nutrients and moisture.

Tips for maintaining shade turfs :

Mowing – Less frequent and do not cut hard; raise the cutting height to 40mm.

Watering – Deep occasional soaking is preferred to often light spraying.

Wear and tear – thoughtful, careful use is recommended.

Maintenance – avoid excessive use of fertilisers; use fungicides when needed.