Due to Sapphires tight mat, and high performance, it leaves very little room for weeds to grow. It is excellent at out competing weeds. In the unlikely event that broad leaf weeds ever become a problem, Sapphire can be sprayed with Bromoxynil and MCPA, as it is resistant to these chemicals. Follow directions on the spray pack. Remember never to use Dicamba on Buffalo.

Fast Recovery

Sapphire has rapid growth across the ground. This high performance allows it to cope well with high traffic situations. In extra high wear areas it is recommended that you fertilise and water more than normal.

Best Looking Buffalo

Due to its fine texture, and the nice way the leaf sits, Sapphire looks superb. When Sapphire is mature its leaf tends to fold back giving a much finer appearance.

Drought Tough

Sapphire has a very deep root system, which means it can hang on looking great with less frequent watering. In normal soils on the East Coast of Australia Sapphire should only need watering in the warmer months, and in general once every few weeks should be enough, except in severe heat and drought conditions.

So Fine So Soft

Just touch it, feel it, and look at it. You will be impressed with Sapphire.