Laying Techniques

Remove from the ground any rubble, loose stones, rubbish, and weeds, etc.

Aerate the ground to about a depth of 15cm.

Rake the top soil, level it out and gently tread it down. Do not roll it.

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Lay the turf the day it arrives. If the ground is not ready for the turf it should still be laid out somewhere (e.g. on a driveway) and watered to keep it moist.

Lay the turf down the longest straight edge first. Lay rolls closely together. Stagger the joints. Do not stretch the turf. Avoid using bits and pieces at edges – the best method is to cut off, not add on. The turf has a better chance of survival if the rolls are kept intact. Avoid traffic, including walking, on the turf whilst it is being laid.

Tread or lightly tap the turf down.

Water the turf immediately. First, a good long soak and then, water it every morning for the first 14-16 days to keep it moist whilst it settles in and takes root. Using soaker hoses is a good way to achieve the best results. Hand held hosing is not advisable.

Avoid excessive walking on the turf for the first few weeks. In optimum conditions the turf should mown, just a trim, during the third week.