Lawn Maintenance


Roll out the turf neatly over your levelled topsoil. For best results do not leave gaps between rolls, this makes an uneven surface, difficult to mow and encourages weed growth.Fertilize the area with a “starter Fertilizer or Complete Lawn Food” just prior to laying or just after.For best results roll the laid turf if a roller is not available tap the edges with the base of a steel rake, This places the turf in good contact with the soil and reduces stress in hot weather.


One of the most citral aspects of establishing a new lawn is making sure that it DOES NOT DRY OUT. Water turf immediately after laying and rolling, if laying a large area water as each section is complete. One good soaking to wet through to the soil daily for the first week and alternate days in the second week. It is best to water in the mornings before the heat of the day rather than evenings, leaving the lawn wet at night can encourage disease. Development. By 14 – 21 days your turf should have taken root and you can ease up on the watering although one good soaking once a week is recommended in the dryer weather.


Apart from neglecting to give your new lawn enough water the worst thing you could do is mow it to early or to late. Your turf is ready for mowing when the roots are firmly attached in the ground and it can no longer be lifted up. The first mow should only take of one third of the leaf. Gradually lower the mower each cut until you are mowing at aprox 30 – 50mm. Never scalp your lawn as this gives it a shallow root system and it is more prone to weed, disease and stress in the hotter weather. You can leave the catcher of the mowing every forth mowing this will return valuable nutrients to the soil reducing the amount of fertilizer you have to apply each season. Do not leave a thick layer, as it will yellow the turf beneath it


If you don’t regularly replace nutrients after a while your lawn will start and show sighs of deficiency e.g yellowing of the leaves and reduced growth. Your lawn needs nitrogen for leaf growth, Phosphorus to aid root growth and potassium to help strengthen leaves and stems.You should consider feeding at least twice during your lawns growing season with complete fertilisers e.g Shelley’s No 17, Yates, Brunnings, Multigrow ect.

Please Note: With buffalo turf always check if fertilizer is suitable.

When to Fertilize

Before laying turf to encourage a strong root system, this fertilizer should be applied to the soil before laying the turf. We recommend a seasonal fertilizing program.

Early Spring (September – October) Complete Fertilizer.Early Autumn (April – May) Complete Fertilizer.

Do not over fertilize, as it will possibly cause leaf burn. All excess fertilizer will only get thrown away with the grass clippings.

Always water in straight away.