Kikuyu Grass is a native grass of Uganda , Africa . This Grass was first introduced into New South Wales , Australia , in 1919. It is an excellent erosion control grass but use around watercourses should be avoided as this grass loves water and is extremely vigorous and invasive. Kikuyu will take over especially in full sun areas. It is an invasive weed grass but fortunately does not thrive in shaded bushy areas.

This Grass is most suitable for high traffic areas in full sun. It is low maintenance but needs lots of water to stay green. Without water Kikuyu will go to sleep’ and brown-off’ but its stand out feature is that Kikuyu has a great ability to lie dormant and revive with little rain.

Kikuyu Grass is an ideal hardy, lawn grass for school grounds and public parks and camping areas. A lawn of this grass will withstand excessive wear and tear and then recover well provided it has water.

Kikuyu Grass is useful as pasture grass for animal farms but should not be allowed to invade watercourses.

Kikuyu Grass can be an inexpensive, low maintenance, easy to grow home lawn grass but its runners’ happily skip over rocks and bricks, etc., to invade garden beds. Gardeners will find a lawn of Kikuyu requires constant vigilance but the runners are easy to cut off or halt with weed killer.

Kikuyu grows well in full sun areas in cool climate, high rainfall regions.

As a domestic lawn grass in a warm climate, Kikuyu needs huge amounts of water in summer to keep it green and weekly mowing if it is thriving. A lawn of Kikuyu requires regular fertilizing to maintain its colour and health.